Strategy for a Gym — A Musers thoughts

With the ecosystems blurring the lines, I would position a gym as part of an overall health eco system. This could be connecting the gym with other health professionals such as physio therapists and nutritionist’s to answer customers’ total well-being needs.

You could create a loyalty system when using services and products within this eco system and even have a platform to help enable this.

Health professionals could take and input health data and statistics from smart devices to monitor the overall well-being of clients and how certain training programs could well be working and even consenting to this data being used by academia.

Take an example

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The eco system could also incorporate employers, health insurance companies (to offer subscribers discounts) or even being able to alert your own GP (general practitioner). One example is from who offer medical billing.

There is a significant role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of many ailments. Many sports and athletics organizations tend to promote that the people must concern trained practitioners to uplift their health conditions instead of chiropractic services. Despite this concern, many health insurance companies are hindering access to physical trainers and the fitness industry. Health insurance companies and the fitness industry can combine their efforts to promote better health quality in their population with the assistance of a relative communication channel

The above are examples of businesses that have tapped into the ecosystem of health and fitness both from a health insurance and fitness data point of view. A gym’s eco system could tap into these as well was expanding the services that they connect to and in turn offer frictionless interaction with the end consumer. Whatever the data points are and user or B2B inter connections, these could also be mined with analytics to look at user trends and habits. Business success and perhaps even targeted information on products and services with each entity. can be built, leading up to an ecosystem of communities driving value from the other while creating a rich and robust network to operate in.